The oldest food-article still being exported from Norway must be stockfish. Stockfish has been produced more or less the same way since it started some 1100 years ago. Stockfish is exported to a number of countries like Italy, Nigeria, Croatia, UK and USA.
Drying of fish – the process:
Fresh fish (headed and gutted) is cleaned and hung up on wooden racks outdoors to dry. This process takes up to approximately 3 months. When the fish is transformed into a stockfish the humidity level in the fish is about 20-23%. We are mainly using cod, saithe, ling and tusk for the production of stockfish.
When the stockfish is ready for shipping it is sorted by quality, length and weight. The stockfish is packed in Hessians wrapped bales of 45kg net. We use Hessians wrapping so that the air can pass through to keep the fish dry.
Stockfish from cod is mainly sold to the Italian market, but some quantities are also sold to the Nigerian market. Stockfish from saithe, tusk and cod-heads are mainly exported to the Nigerian market.
For the Nigerian market we can deliver:
Stockfish cod type B 30/50 cm – 40/60 cm – 50/70 cm in bales of 45 kgs
Stockfish saithe size 20/40 cm - 30/50 cm - 40/60 cm in bales of 45 kgs
Stockfish cod-heads mixed sizes in bales 30 kgs