The saltfish industry has long traditions in Norway. As it was impossible to bring the fresh fish to the market different methods of conservation developed such as salting and drying. Today salted and dried salted fish are exported to many countries all over the world. 
During the production salt is pressing out a large amount of water from the fish meat. When the wet salted fish is dried after salting more water is removed from the fish. The high salt content in the fish implies that it is more resistant to bacterial pollution and has an extended shelf life. 
We produce wet salted fish from Cod, Saithe, Tusk and Ling. The total production processes takes up to 21 days. When the wet salted fish is fully cured it contains roughly 25% Protein, 20% Salt and 55% Water. 
When we grade and pack the wet salted fish for export the fish is sorted according to quality and size. We normally grade into two classes of quality called Primeira and SortidoPrimeira being the highest quality. Sorting according to size we use the weight of fish as determinants. 
When exporting wet salted fish it is packed in pallet boxes or straight on pallets under plastic hoods. 

Cod, Tromsø