An initiative of several fish producers

Fresh fish

The Barents Sea cod has been the lifeblood of Norwegian seafood exports for over 1000 years.

Salted fish

The saltfish industry has long traditions in Norway. 


The oldest food-article still being exported from Norway must be stockfish.


The main season to produce sugar salted roe is primarily during the winter fisheries.

Dry fish

By applying traditional production methods, we ensure a rich and delicately balanced flavor.

Unicod is an initiative of several fish producers in Norway.


The goal is to coordinate their sales of fresh fish, salted fish, dried fish, and by-products. The company was established in 2006, with each producer as a shareholder. Hundreds of years of knowledge have been accumulated in this new effort to produce high quality products for our customers. Together and united we deliver a superior product to you – Unicod.

About us

Services and products

Our products are made by fresh fish exclusively.

Our main products are wet and dried salted fish, stockfish, roe products and by-products from cod, saithe, tusk, and ling. The long history of our producers ensures a traditionally correctly made product – produced after the same principals for the last hundreds of years – adjusted to fit modern production facilities and methods. Our producers are only using fresh fish in their production. This gives us the ability to deliver you a world class product.

About us

Many producers, one company 

We are owned by several producers reaching from Nordland to Finnmark, representing a significant volume produced each year. This gives us a unique access to the best commodities all year around. Our producers are independent, family owned and operated. The producers in our group represent a history, know-how and tradition that goes back many decades. Unicod is aiming to utilize this to the best for our customers. 

Hovden fisk AS
J.M. Nilsen fisk AS
Nord Senja fisk AS

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